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If painful bunions are making it impossible for you to wear shoes and limiting your mobility, treatments are available at Foot & Ankle Center of Illinois. Our surgeons strive for Immediate Weight Bearing Procedures, No Casts, Minimal Pain, Minimal Scar Formation, Speedy Recovery, and Fast Return to Work. Advanced imaging is used for diagnosis and pre-operative planning if surgery is necessary. If surgery is required, it is usually done on an out-patient basis. Minimally invasive procedures are used to minimize infection and rehabilitation is provided to foster recovery and enhance outcomes. Revolutionary lasers are used for post-operative patients to reduce swelling and pain, and speed up recovery. Our surgeons strive to enhance function and beauty! 

Bunions Q & A

What are bunions?

Bunions are bone deformities that develop due to an enlargement of the joint at the base and side of your big toe. A bunion can form when your big toe moves out of place and rubs against your shoes. This rubbing causes persistent irritation and inflammation.

Over time, the affected toe begins to angle toward your other toes and can even overlap the third toe. This deformity of the toe can become chronically painful and lead to other toe deformities, including hammertoe, a toe that bends due to a weakened muscle and ligament.

The leading cause of bunions is ill-fitting footwear. When you frequently wear shoes that are too tight, you increase your risk for developing bunions. You can also experience bunions due to foot injuries or neuromuscular problems in your feet.

How are bunions treated?

The podiatric team at Foot & Ankle Center of Illinois creates a treatment plan based on the severity of your bunion and its impact on your mobility.

Your provider focuses on relieving your pain and reducing unnecessary pressure on the joint to prevent additional enlargement. The team may initially recommend the use of protective padding to reduce friction between your toes and shoes. You also need to ensure all your shoes are the right size and wide enough to prevent pressure on your joints.

Orthotic devices that fit into your shoe can keep your foot and toes in the proper position while walking and standing. Orthotics can stabilize your joint and prevent additional mobility limitations.

If you have existing corns or calluses that contribute to the formation of bunions, your Foot & Ankle Center of Illinois provider can remove them during an in-office procedure.

Will I need surgery for bunions?

Surgery may be a consideration if your toe joint becomes severely enlarged or deformed. Your Foot & Ankle Center of Illinois specialist performs a bunionectomy procedure that focuses on removing the bunion and realigning your toe joint into a normal position.

Your Foot & Ankle Center of Illinois provider can recommend and perform this type of surgery when conventional treatments aren’t enough to improve your mobility and decrease your pain.

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