Foot & Ankle Depot

The Foot & Ankle Clinic of Illinois offers our own specialty products store for patients needing therapeutic footwear and products inside our flagship store in Springfield, IL.

Dr. Sigle created this auxiliary service in response to his patients’ desire for a one-stop-shop for treatment and products that maximized their rehabilitation, recovery, and comfort.

Besides our own doctors, primary care physicians and specialists from around the community channel their patients to the store for reliable foot and ankle products that deliver proven results.

The store provides a comprehensive inventory including the following items:

  • Comfort shoes and gear for women and men to accommodate working out and running activities, shoes for work, dress, casual wear, and diabetic foot wear.
  • Mobility assistance devices to facilitate recovery from surgery or an injury, to aid people with a chronic condition, or to enhance mobility and independent living. Knee cadies, standard crutches, canes, and other state-of-the-art crutches are available. The store is the only certified fitter in central Illinois for the I-Walk Hands Free Crutch.
  • Accessories include shoe deodorizing and antifungal aides, a wide range of pads, topical solutions, and inserts.
  • Shoe inserts and shoe lift inserts are available to provide support, cushions, and targeted comfort to prevent foot pain. Inserts also are used improve body alignment, improve motion control, enhance posture, and to relieve aches and pain. A wide selection of custom orthotics and custom-molded braces are also available for patients.

Shoe-fitting is an essential part of the practice. The doctors recognize how much their patients can benefit from their guidance. We have trained shoe fitters assisting clients with diverse needs and providing therapeutic footwear for clients at risk with diabetic foot ulcerations.


The shoe fitters are trained to recognize a patient’s functional, therapeutic, and aesthetic needs as well. All staff, including podiatrists, medical assistants and show fitters, is able to assist consumers with product decisions to allow for a more convenient and informed shopping experience. The store also allows the doctors to assess a patient’s foot problems and functional needs and recommend specific onsite products, shoes or inserts that will give them a leg up on their road to recovery.

By employing trained medical personnel, we can make castings for custom orthotics and boots, and make shoe fitting conveniently available to our patients while working efficiently in our practice. A comprehensive shoe-fitting program will help reduce foot and ankle injuries, falls, surgeries, and ulcers that can lead to further complications. This all leads to positive patient outcomes and satisfaction.

The Depot also has an athletic foot care program to provide custom orthotics and shoe inserts appropriate to athletes’ sport or activity. We also sell topical solutions to treat Athlete’s Foot and support pads for blisters.

The store provides an outstanding array of products for post-operative products such as compressive socks, bandages, ointments, walking aids, cast and bandage protectors, cold therapy, and mobility devices that can be bought or leased through the store’s rental program.

All of the products in the store are chosen by physicians for patients. They are given knowledge about products that will increase their mobility, bring additional comfort to their lives, reduce the chance of injury, and soothe aches and pains.

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