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Foot & Ankle Center of Illinois offers complete diabetic foot care services to protect the long-term health of your feet. Our surgeons are certified wound care specialists and experts in limb salvation. Our goal is to get the wound closed fast, reduce further complications, and avoid amputation. 

We take a comprehensive approach to diagnose and treat common foot-related issues that develop due to diabetes, including nerve damage and skin ulcers. 

Each year, patients with diabetes who qualify under Medicare Part B may acquire one pair of depth-inlay shoes and three pairs of inserts or one pair of custom-molded shoes (including inserts) and two additional pairs of inserts. Medicare and Medicare hybrids cover diabetic shoes as a part of the insurance plan.

Diabetic Foot Care Q & A

Why is diabetic foot care important?

When you have diabetes, your risk for long-term health complications increases, especially issues that affect your feet. Diabetes can interfere with healthy blood circulation in the legs and feet, putting you at risk for developing recurrent infections and slow healing ulcers.

In addition to infections and open wounds, diabetes can cause neuropathy and permanent nerve damage. This can lead to loss of feeling in your feet, which interferes with your ability to stay active. When you can’t feel your feet, you may be prone to injuries that go unnoticed and untreated.

What diabetic foot services are available?

The team at Foot & Ankle Center of Illinois offers comprehensive diabetic foot care services that focus on preserving the health of your foot and your overall health. The team offers a variety of in-office services including:

  • Routine foot checks
  • Blood pressure evaluations
  • Assessment of your lifestyle, diet, and exercise plans

The team also provides guidance and resources for promoting good foot hygiene, such as washing daily, drying skin thoroughly, and keeping skin well-moisturized. You also need to ensure your diabetes is well-controlled with medications and lifestyle choices.

Additionally, the staff at Foot & Ankle Center of Illinois places a special focus on toenail care, teaching you how to properly trim your toenails at home. This prevents painful ingrown toenails and open wounds that can interfere with the health of your foot.

When should I consider diabetic foot care services?

Anyone with diabetes needs to pay special attention to their feet. You can schedule routine foot checks at Foot & Ankle Center of Illinois as part of your preventive health care plan.

If you don’t currently have a provider for diabetic foot care, you should schedule an evaluation at Foot & Ankle Center of Illinois as soon as possible if you experience symptoms like:

  • Blisters
  • Foot pain
  • Open wounds or ulcers
  • Loss of foot sensations
  • Burning or tingling in the feet
  • Thickening or yellowing toenails

Foot & Ankle Center now offers Ultramist Therapy for advanced wound care. 

You should also schedule an evaluation if you notice that you’re losing hair on your lower legs, feet, or toes, or if your feet change color or shape.

The goal of diabetic foot care is to prevent long-term health complications that can result from improper foot hygiene and for the side effects of diabetes. If left untreated, diabetes-related ulcers and nerve damage can lead to skin breakdown and tissue death in the foot that ultimately requires amputation.

Diabetes can also increase your risk for bone fractures and Charcot joint, a condition that develops due to joint changes that occur when you lose sensation in your feet.

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