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  • Tigers Long Road to Recovery
    This past week’s headlines centered around Tiger Wood’s devastating car accident. Fans around the world are wondering if he will ever return to a normal life or play golf again Read more
  • What To Do for a Puncture Wound
    A puncture wound in the foot occurs when you step on an object that leaves a small hole behind. One of the most common puncture wounds comes from stepping on Read more
  • What To Do About Smelly Feet
    It’s an embarrassing problem. Smelly feet can make you feel self-conscious. You can’t get comfortable or take your shoes off without worrying that everyone will notice your stinky feet. Have Read more
  • How We Can Help You Manage Your Bunions
    Your podiatrists in Springfield, and Decatur, IL, can relieve your bunion pain Bunions are a very common, and very painful foot condition. If you have ever had a bunion, you know Read more
  • At-Home Care for Dry Feet
    Dry, flaky feet are incredibly common, particularly during the cold, winter months; however, if you find yourself dealing with dry or cracked feet throughout the year, especially around the heels, Read more
  • Did I Break My Foot?
    Whether you took a bad tumble or your child had a rough collision while playing sports, it’s important that you do not just recognize the signs of a broken foot Read more
  • What To Do About Blisters
    Everything from wearing shoes that are a little too loose to increasing the number of miles you run can leave you dealing with painful blisters on your feet. Blisters can Read more
  • How Rheumatoid Arthritis Affects the Feet
    Rheumatoid arthritis is one of the most common types of arthritis, and it is characterized by joint pain, inflammation, and damage. RA, like other kinds of arthritis, is progressive, which Read more
  • What To Do for a High Foot Arch
    Here’s what you can do to prevent foot pain caused by high arches. If you have high arches, you may notice them but not experience any problems; however, those with high Read more
  • Bad Circulation and Your Feet
    Are you dealing with numbness, tingling, or muscle cramps in your feet? If so, you could be dealing with poor circulation. Your feet must be getting proper blood flow, as Read more
  • Symptoms of Sesamoiditis
    A sesamoid is a bone that connects to a tendon or muscle instead of another bone. The most common sesamoids are the patella (kneecap) and two bones found under the Read more
  • 5 Part Video Series - Good Day, Marketplace Medical Part 2 - Hammertoe Treatment
    Click Here to Watch Video  Read more
  • Living With Plantar Fasciitis
    Foot fact: Your plantar fascia is a very strong band of tissue that connects your heel to the front of your foot. It also helps support the arch of your Read more
  • When Do Bunions Require Surgery
    Bunions are common, but unfortunately, they’re also rather annoying. According to the American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons, bunions can be caused by wearing ill-fitting shoes, genetics, and underlying health conditions Read more
  • How to Keep a Sprained Ankle from Becoming a Chronic Instability
    Each day, more than 25,000 people in the United States sprain their ankles. Minor sprains are tempting to ignore. You just keep going through the pain and discomfort until the injury Read more
  • What Could Be Causing Your Heel Pain
    Heel pain is one of the most common foot problems. Find out what could be going on. Have you gradually been noticing that the heels and arches of your feet are Read more

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