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Dr. Sigle Visits with Journey's Jonathan Cain

Did you ever wonder what a day in the life of a foot and ankle surgeon is like? Every day, Dr. Sigle is “up and at ‘em” at six o’clock in the morning, and he’s ready for a long demanding day. He has a glass of juice, does a half-hour workout, kisses the kids and wife goodbye, grabs a coffee to go, and is off to the hospital for surgery or to the clinic he founded in 2011. Although his weekly schedule is fairly standard, there are times when something out of the ordinary happens and this month, something happened. Dr. Sigle had to pay a special visit to the legendary keyboardist from Journey, Jonathan Cain.

“I’ve known Dr. Sigle for a number of years,” said Jonathan. “He is a personal friend and my adviser when it comes to my foot care. He is so knowledgeable and genuine. I joke with him that he is becoming a rock star for foot care. He’s been interviewed on public radio and local talk shows, and is a spokesperson for the Podiatry Association. His articles on foot care are also reaching a lot of people. My feet take quite a bit of pounding when I am on tour, so every now and then I like to get his help to keep them in good shape. I can always count on his advice. Springfield has a real gem.” Read More!

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