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Foot Care Tips for Pregnant Moms

I thought it would be fitting to address the topic of foot care during pregnancy in honor of Mother’s Day. This topic has been on my mind for the last nine months because my wife recently gave birth to our new baby girl, Sophie.

Most pregnant moms and expectant fathers have a lot to think about and do just to get ready for the arrival of their new baby. Moms are busy decorating the nursery, making frequent visits to their OBGYN, sending party favors for baby shower gifts, changing diets and thinking about names.

Expectant fathers are busy trying to give their wife a little more TLC, making frequent trips to the grocery store to satisfy insatiable cravings and making dry rehearsal runs for the moment they get “the call.”

All these things are essential, but far too little attention is given to Mom’s feet, and how to get them fit to carry both her and baby during the pregnancy.

As the natural weight gain increases, the center of gravity changes adding excessive pressures to the knees, ankles and feet. Edema (swelling) and over-pronation (flat feet) are the two of the most common foot problems that are overlooked. In order to make the pregnancy period more comfortable, it is important to learn about foot care, and what can be done to relieve aches and pains. Here are a few tips to reduce foot problems during pregnancy. Read More!

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