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Solve Your Child's Foot Problems Today

It’s funny how things have a way of coming full circle in life. During the early seventies, Sesame Street was a cornerstone of my childhood. Now, after four and a half years of parenthood, the show still captures my attention and it helps me explain the world we live in. The creators of the show have proven that the combination of entertainment and learning can create an enjoyable and meaningful experience. 

Although there are thousands of episodes and characters, I am sure everyone has their favorites. I am partial to episodes that deal with Elmo’s World on the Feet Channel, “the channel that keeps you on your toes.” My favorite episode is a “feet-ture” film of the “Girl Who Loved Her Feet!” In the opening scene, a young blond teenager climbs to the top of a little green hill in her bare feet and says, “I love my feet!” Then, she bends from the waist down and kisses her big toes. This girl does everything with her feet and goes everywhere with them. She runs down hills, goes for long walks, plays at the beach, waddles in the mud, jumps rope, and goes dancing. When she goes to bed at night, she even kisses her toes and her dog Tootsie licks them! Read More! 

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