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Foot Care Tips for Senior Athletes

Wow! The Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington metro area was buzzing with excitement this past month as they hosted the 2015 National Senior Games. More than 12,000 seniors from all over the country, ages 50 and older, competed in 18 to 20 multi-sport events such as tennis, basketball, swimming, golf, track and field, table tennis, triathlon, volleyball, archery, bowling, cycling, badminton, bowling, race walk, road race, softball, shuffleboard, racquetball and pickle ball.

More than 35,000 visitors attended this 16-day event that showcased some of the country’s premiere senior athletes. Beyond age, some of them had to overcome major physical obstacles. Some were cancer survivors. Some had pacemakers. Some had major reconstructive foot and ankle surgery or total knee and hip replacements. Some had ACL repairs, or rotator cuff repairs and back surgery. Some were even there because they were a part of a generation that wouldn’t allow them to compete during their youth. The games were a personal vision quest for many. All of the athletes shared a common denominator; they had vigor for life and refused to let age get in their way. Read More!

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