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Step Up Fall Prevention Efforts for Seniors

The National Council on Aging launched Falls Prevention Awareness Day on Sept. 23. This year’s theme was, “Take a Stand to Prevent Falls.” Hundreds of state and national associations are building awareness that falls are the leading cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries for people 65 years of age and older; however, falls are not an inevitable part of aging. Seniors have the power to reduce their risk of injury by taking preventive measure to maximize their independence and quality of life.

Podiatrists play a key role in the prevention of falls for seniors because they are trained to identify patients who are at risk for falls, and able to address the primary biomechanical problems that cause falls. Problems that contribute to falls include osteoarthritis, unstable foot and ankle joints and pain, weak muscles, dropfoot (hemiplegia), posterior tibial tendonitis, tendon contraction, peripheral neuropathy, flat feet, malformations in the toes, equinus foot, charcot foot, gait abnormality; and lack of muscle coordination (ataxia). Read More.

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