Healthy Feet Help Older Adults Age In Place and Reach Lifelong Health
By Foot & Ankle Center of Illinois
October 25, 2019
Category: Foot Health
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Older adults across the country are developing plans to age in place and to reach lifelong health. The AARP estimates that over 90% of the population over age 65 are striving to remain in their homes as long as they possibly can and live independent lifestyles. 

According to Joseph Coughlin, Ph.D. at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Age Lab, older adults are making an investment in home improvements for longevity.* The top trends for aging in place include access and lighting improvements throughout the home, moving bedrooms to the main floor with more accessible closets and beds, creating kitchens that are more accessible for wheelchair use, and partnering with providers who offer home assistance services.* 

Older adults are also preparing for the next stage in life to live life to the fullest.

Many are transforming good intentions into new lifestyle habits to age well. According to Kay Van Norman, President of Brilliant Aging, older adults are spending more time deciding where they want to live, what they want to do, and what they need to do to make that happen. They are making plans to create a strong foundation for lifelong health.* 

Marc Middleton, author of Growing Bolder and creator of the Growing Bolder Ambassador Movement, is rebranding aging with energy and enthusiasm for life. Middleton aspires to the belief that you don’t have to dread aging. He believes that this new life stage can become an exciting journey! 

According to Dr. John Sigle, founder of the Foot & Ankle Center of Illinois, “many of our older adults are undergoing a major transformation in their lives. They are changing their lifestyle and fine tuning their bodies to prepare for the next stage. Many of them seek help to resolve long-standing foot problems to resolve pain and improve mobility.”

According to the American College for Foot and Ankle Surgeons, there is a common misconception that growing older means having to cope with sore feet; however, foot pain is not the consequence of aging. Although many older adults have foot pain, aging alone is not responsible. Foot pain is not a normal part of aging. 

According to Dr. Grant Gonzalez, Associate podiatrist at the Foot & Ankle Center of Illinois, “most common foot and ankle problems can be treated successfully with the right diagnosis, conservative treatments, and proper rehabilitation. Some conditions require more advanced diagnosis and surgical corrections. We use advanced 3D CT Imaging to diagnose and preplan surgeries for bunions, hammertoes, stress fractures, and Flatt-foot corrections.” 

According to Dr. Sigle, some of the more serious foot and ankle problems associated with aging include joint deterioration that often lead to painful Arthritis. “Arthritis in the big toe (Hallux Rigidus) is a common problem that causes improper biomechanics and structural abnormalities of the foot. The ankle is also prone to Arthritis if there is a history of trauma or sprains. Often, these conditions lead to end-stage Arthritis requiring advanced surgery.” 

According to Dr. Gonzalez, “We encourage older adults to take proactive steps to live an independent lifestyle. We will partner with you to reach your goals and transition to the next stage of life!” 

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