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By Foot & Ankle Center Of Illinois
December 09, 2014
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Aching FeetIt's not uncommon to experience foot pain after a long day of work or a vigorous sport activity, especially as we age. A long day of shopping or yard work can leave feet tired, heavy, swollen and achy- a problem we can all relate to at one time or another.

Achy Feet Factors:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Dehydration

When you are constantly on your feet, a significant amount of stress is put on your legs and feet. Strenuous walking or standing for long periods has an obvious effect on your feet. Other factors include ill fitting, poorly padded shoes, tight socks or stockings and tight garters. Reduced blood circulation to the ankles and feet also causes tired aching feet.

5 Simple Ways to Relieve Tired, Aching Feet

There are ways to relieve pain associated sore feet and legs.

1. Elevate your feet for 15-20 minutes.
2. Soak your feet in warm water or warm a towel with hot water and wrap it around your feet and legs.
3. Massage your feet or have someone massage your feet for you.
4. Exercise your feet, as it can help to keep them healthy - it tones muscles, helps to strengthen the arches and stimulates blood circulation.
5. Wear Orthotic insoles in your shoes. Ask a podiatrist at the Foot & Ankle Center Of Illinois if an orthotic device is a good fit for your lifestyle

When foot pain persists, it's important to visit our Springfield podiatric office for a thorough examination. The cause of your foot pain may be more serious than simple stress and over work. Dr. can identify serious problems and work with you to determine a treatment plan that will put an end to your tired, achy feet once and for all.

Last month, radio commercials were blasted all over Springfield and Decatur radio stations about the Sexy Toes contest that was co-sponsored by Dr. John Sigle, foot and ankle surgeon in Springfield and Decatur, and Neuhoff Media. Applicants sent in a self-photo of their toes (TOEFIE) to a panel of judges, and the winners were announced at the Rock the Dock event held at the Springfield Marina.

 According to Dr. Sigle, “the Sexy Toes Contest was a fun promotion that had a lot of sizzle because the winners won free VIP tickets to the Journey – Steve Miller Band concert in St. Louis. Some of the winners also received free laser treatments. The number of hits on our web site went off the charts.”   

Source: Healthy Cells Magazine [8/7/14]


December 02, 2014
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